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Easy Mode Switch for Xdebug 3

Since Xdebug 3 introduced the mode-concept to switch different configurations and i already enable Xdebug only when i need it due to performance reasons, i rewrote my Xdebug console script to easy switch the modes. The script is for use with homebrew installation of php on macOS. It basically modifies […]

Symfony Docs Workflow for Alfred

Opensourced today my alfred workflow to search in symfony docs: Adapted from Alfred Laravel Docs, Thanks Till Krüss and VueJS Docs Workflow for Alfred, Thanks Vince Mitchell!  Installation Download the latest version Install the workflow by double-clicking the .alfredworkflow file You can add the workflow to a category, then click „Import“ to finish importing. You’ll now […]

SUDO with ssh keyfile

Recently stumbled across a post about sudo with keyfile. Wonderful, never enter password for sudo again, how cool is that. After I had some difficulties in the beginning, I want to write down my way here. Install libpam-ssh-agent-auth Add to sudoers via visudo Add to /etc/pam.d/sudo Copy authorized keys Be sure you have added the […]

Single SingOn via Active Directory Authentication in Symfony

Checked different ways to authenticate users in an windows environment. At least i realised the simplest way would be to let it do by the webserver himself: Enable windows authentificaion in your IIS authentification settings. Create a user entity: # src/AppBundle/Entity/User.php namespace AppBundle\Entity; use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM; use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\UserInterface; /** […]

How to enable Copy Paste in Midnight Commander under MacOS

For several Updates of MacOS Copy & Paste stopped working in Terminal for the Editor in Midnight Commander. Since then i was searching for bringing it back since i work often with this editor. Now i found a method: If you disable Mouse Reporting (View/Allow Mouse Reporting, ⌘R), mouse events […]

Boilerplate for functional tests in Symfony with FosUserBundle

My boilerplate for functional tests of controllers in Symfony 3: client = $this->createAuthorizedClient(); } /** * @return Client */ protected function createAuthorizedClient() { $client = static::createClient(); $container = $client->getContainer(); $session = $container->get(’session‘); /** @var $userManager \FOS\UserBundle\Doctrine\UserManager */ $userManager = $container->get(‚fos_user.user_manager‘); /** @var $loginManager \FOS\UserBundle\Security\LoginManager */ $loginManager = $container->get(‚‘); $firewallName = […]

Symfony auf Windows IIS installieren

Um Symfony auf einem Windows IIS Webserver laufen zu lassen, sollte der Physikalische Pfad auf den /web – Ordner zeigen. Außerdem muss das Rewrite Modul, dass man hier runterladen kann, installiert sein. Anschließend kann man dann die .htaccess oder gleich folgenden Code importieren: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f […]

csrf token validation in symfony 2.6

Following the examples about csrf token validation in controllers in symfony i found always examples with form.csrf_provider. But this is deprecated since version 2.4 and i didn’t found any example for the new implementation until i stumbled after long crawling on a description of what’s new in symfony 2.6. And […]

Shares in die Finder Seitenleiste einbinden

Da mein MacBook die dumme Angewohnheit hat, alle Shares aus der Finder-Seitenleiste zu schmeißen, wenn ann z.B. in einem fremden Netzwerk ist und damit keinen Zugriff auf seine Shares hat, habe ich mir einen Alfred Workflow geschrieben: on alfred_script(q) set myComputer to „Toms MacBook Pro“ set myNas to „afp://nas1/“ set […]